"component search" page is for finding specific spliceosome proteins

Two ways to search:

(1)  quick general search of spliceosome component attributes

        => searches all attributes simultanously

(2)  defined query of specific individual attributes

        => returns genes/proteins meeting all defined parameters

 Searchable attributes include:

protein and gene names and aliases
accession numbers in external databases
host organism:
the database hosts proteins from human, yeasts, flies, worms, etc.
protein features:
molecular weight, conserved motifs, domains
snRNP or
complex association:
the common E, A, B, Bact,C, P complex nomenclature is used for intermediate splicing complexes
protein class or family:
includes molecular features (ex. SM proteins, SR proteins), association with stable spliceosome subcomplexes like the snRNPs or PRP19 complex, and other common designations (ex. hnRNP, second step factor)

Results can be exported to a spreadsheet file

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