informational pages for individual spliceosome components

gene/protein names are linked to individual information pages showing

protein and gene names and aliases

other resources:
accession numbers and links to several external databases including Entrez, UniProt, BioGrid, PDB, SpliProt3D

protein features:
molecular weight, conserved motifs, domains
snRNP or complex association: the common E, A, B, Bact,C, P complex nomenclature is used for intermediate splicing complexes
protein class or family: by molecular features (ex. SM proteins, SR proteins), association with stable spliceosome subcomplexes like the snRNPs or PRP19 complex, and other common designations (ex. hnRNP, second step factor)

in several model systems human, yeasts, flies, worms, etc.
links to indivdual pages and to Homologene at NCBI through "Orthologs"

interaction data:
curated protein/protein interactions from the recent publication by the Stelzl group and recorded in SPPIR (Human Spliceosome Protein-Protein Interaction Resource) (Hegele et al., 2012)
the data are derived from manual literature searches, directed yeast-two-hybrid analyses and co-precipitation experiments
mass spectrometry identifcation:
list of experiments in which the encoded protein (or ortholog) was identified, usually by mass spectrometry
number of peptides used to identify the protein are shown when reported
each mass spectrometry experiment is linked to its own page

MS results can be exported to a spreadsheet file

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