"compare complexes" page for lists of associated proteins

splicing complexes include
U snRNPs
the human E, A, B, Bact,B*, C, complex nomenclature is used when applicable
in yeast E complex is known as commitment complex (CC) and can be separated into CC1 and CC2, A complex is known as the prespliceosome (PS), and B-C complexes are collectively termed spliceosome (SP)
less-defined or mixed populations of spliceosomes are designated as "mixed-spliceosomes" or by the component target by which they were purified (i.e. “SMD3 pulldown”)
proteins in lists are grouped by class/family
classification is based on molecular features (e.g. SM proteins, SR proteins), association with stable spliceosome subcomplexes like the snRNPs or PRP19 complex, and other common designations (e.g. hnRNP, second step factor)
lists are curated
Proteins that do not associate specifically with a given complex, such as general RNA binding factors, are not included in these lists. To see all the proteins present in different spliceosome preparations, search "mass spec experiments"

Results can be exported to a spreadsheet file

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